Flim Production

We produce feature films, short films, documentaries and commercial projects from start to finish. We offer the full gamut of production services.

Our Services

Filming Permits

Production companies, ad agencies or corporate filmmakers planning to shoot your films, video or TV commercials project anywhere in India, we can help you in obtaining your Filming permits.

Budgeting & Scheduling

Once we received your scripts or details or storyboards, we will evaluate the total budget and send you the estimates along with guidelines and location suggestions!


Documentary Production

India is blessed with a rich and varied history, we are steeped in culture and there are many nuances to it as there are states and regions. Add to this heady mix a diverse range of Flora and fauna and what you have is huge scope for documentaries. We would be happy to facilitate your entire production and shooting in India.


Research gives a indepth knowledge about location, Costume, Art and Look. Research has become a major part of film making. One would not like to be visually, aesthetically wrong.


India is land of colours and culture diversity, lots of Indian festivals, the different geographical region give documentary filmmakers a perfect choice to film in India and we can provide the full production support while shooting in India!



Legal services for contracts and tax matters while shooting in India helps smooth functioning of the Project. In India the Insurance cover is for different projects are different and to get a Proper mix and keep the entire project covers is like money saved.

Location & Scouting

From ancient palaces and forts to modern Glass and steel buildings, from the snow capped Himalayas to the golden beaches of Goa, from the Thar desert to the verdant green of Kerala, India offers a Plethora of possibilities for filming and our expertise will ensure that you shoot at the location best suited to your individual needs.

Post Production

Once you have finished shooting, you can take advantage of our State of the art Post Production facilities that encompass editing, Graphics, Music, DI, VFX, Background and more.


Sets the tone of the Project. It doesn’t depend only on the script, it has other inputs also like- Director, DOP, Type of Cast, Look of the film and many more factors. If anything is missed out. It can result in disaster for the film. A well thought-out budget is a clear plan for making a film. And a good budget reveals a lot about how a film is going to be made, what kind of story you’ll be telling, what kind of crew you plan to use and what sort of equipment you’ve selected

Script reading and breakdown

Script is the Base and it gives a lot of Answer if Visualised properly. We love Reading Scripts and Our expert team can do a Proper Breakdown of the Script under different heads as Cast, Location, Days of shoot, Scheduling, Budget,


Scheduling is not only about preparing a schedule for shoot. Its show how good one is planned for Starting Prep and  shoot and Executing the shoot and post. It gives timeline to the project. It has to be crisp.


Each project has its own requirement of a particular type and grade of technician. To get the right Technician suitable for Particular project is as important for smooth functioning of the shoot.

Camera, Light and Sound

A proper requirement from the DOP, Sound engineer and Director can help to get this right. New technology in Light and Camera, What Available, Options and Substitutes. Hiring equipment’s from the best in the industry always helps.

Permission, Visa, Carnet, Equipment Clearance

In India Permission involves permission from Information and Broadcasting Ministry or External Affairs Ministry depending upon the type of project, Local Permission, Location permission,. Visa have to be Business, Working or Journalist depending upon the type of Project. Get equipment in India- To make all the above easy and smooth functioning proper planning has to be made.

Locations, Recce, Union

Right location for the right script is of essence. Logistics, Locals, Unions, Traffic, Availability, Access to phones, Transport, cast, accommodation are factors which we look into.

Catering and Accommodation

If not Right can spoil the entire mood of shoot. Good food and Comfortable accommodation is life line and we are good at locating the best.

Post Production

Last stage of film making which will let us know how the product has come out. No chance to be taken to get the best production house at work. Cracking the deal with best input.

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