About Us

We are a company Providing Solutions and Services for Production of Feature film, Short Films, Still Photography, Documentaries, TV, Corporate films, Reality shows, Interviews, Web series, Exhibition in any part of India. We are a group of talented technicians. Our many years of experience in the format of Digital, Still, Film and Video has got us the repute to be one of the most trusted and most wanted Production service solution hub in India

Our knowledge of how the government systems work in our “home ground” makes it easy for us to help you obtain all the required clearances and permissions to shoot in India.

Here are the areas that we can be of immense help to you

  • Getting State and Local shooting clearances and permits
  • B or J category visa application for cast and crew
  • Working out budgets and schedules based on your script (Using Movie Magic)
  • Location scouting (pictures shared on a secure site)
  • Organize Casting (auditions shared securely)
  • Hiring most suitable crew
  • Negotiating for the best possible rates in all areas.
  • Liaising with Unions where required
  • Legal team to deal with contracts of crew members and India taxes and all other requirements to ensure smooth functioning.
  • Sourcing high end equipment from trusted sources
  • Snapping up the best rates for your travel and hotels.
  • Clearing imports and facilitating exports of all required equipment.
  • HD backup for Digital film and shipping exposed film securely to your desired location (if post production desired in another country)

Please Note:

  • The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting will provide script approvals in 4 to 6 weeks.
  • For documentaries/ commercials/ music videos/ Industrial films, approval takes 10 to 14 days.
  • The application process is different for Movies and Commercials.
  • Please let us know the specific areas in which we can assist you

We aim to make your Indian Film shooting process a pleasant and memorable experience.




What We do ?


Feature Film


Reality Shows

Commercial & Ads Shoot




Any Topic

Short Films

Corporate Shoot & Interview


Fashion Shoot


Production Budget

Film – Video – High Definition Video
Development Costs
Talent Costs
Prep Period Budget
Shooting Period Budget
Post Production Budget
Financing Costs
Completion Bond Cost
Contingency Cost

Web Series


Shoot Schedule

Scenes Shooting
Cast Working
Extras Required
Set & Location Description
Day/Night/Ext./Int. Designation
Script (Story) Day Designation
Brief Scene Description & Page Count

Our Team Member

Piya Mirajkar

Coordination is the thing that keeps the entire team and unit and the project motivated and going. Smallest of error can prove to be a collapse of the entire project. Having worked for Big Production houses has given me the sense of confidence to coordinate the Biggest and the toughts of the project with ease. It has also helped me to wear the cap of a producer and director and think about a Film from their prospective

Production Coordinator 100%
Producer 100%
Production Controller 100%

Anup Kumar Poddar

I have been in the field of Finance and Production Planning, Organising and Executing for more than 20 yrs. Reading of scripts is my passion and breaking it down in budgets and give suggestions about locations and the right talent comes naturally. Expertise in Planning, managing, Organising and executing of Pre Production , Production , shoot and post shoot has been the top of the agenda for me. Observing and keep well versed with the changes in style and formats is something that keeps me lively.

Producer 100%
Executive Producer 100%
Line Producer 100%
Finance 100%

Mahipal karan Rathore

Born and Studied in Rajasthan, it gives me a lot of advantage as more then 80% of the shoot from abroad happens in Rajasthan. Production is key for making a project Pass by smoothly and viable. Film Production is what I have learned and am Living with.
Finance and Production Planning 100%
Organising 100%
Executing 100%

Aman Vidhate

Sketching, Drawing, Designing,  colouring, are words with which I have grown up and That’s what I know and live for. There is no end to Art and in films and Stills and in every aspect of our life what is in the frame is what life is all about. It just keeps evolving and so I am a proud learn after working with some great names as on date
Sketching 100%
Production Designer 100%
Art Director 100%
Construction 100%

Alphonse Roy

From Wild life to Documentaries, advertising, commercials, Tv, Films, Short films have captured different colours of life in My camera. Watching life with colour and from different prospective makes me feel complete. Have to be out in the open to shoot what my eyes can see and read.

Director of Photography 100%
Still Photo 100%
Wild Life Photo 100%

Subhash Sahoo

Sound Designer, Engineer by Profession. Sound is one of the way people express themselves, it has drama and to make anything watchable on TV, Video and Film and to make it real, engrossing and dramatic a proper mix of sound is of essence. That’s What I do.

Sound Designer 100%
Sound Engineer 100%
Sound Supervisor 100%
Location Sound 100%

Bijitesh De

Camera is a media through which I express myself. Having made my mark in  Advertising and commercials, I have moved on with camera to  feature films, documentaries and TV. Keeping abreast with the latest technology adds to my work.

Director of Photography 100%

Who we have worked for !

  • Dharma Productions
  • Frog Films
  • Case Productions
  • Picture Perfect Productions
  • Goa Film Services
  • Yash Raj Films
  • Bappa Aditya Roy Pic
  • Soda Films
  • Wonderland Films
  • Bang Bang Productions
  • Twenty Twenty Productions
  • Miramax Films
  • Wish Films Productions LTD
  • Marigold Production PVT LTD.
  • Universal Studio
  • Pontas Films
  • Rising Sun Productions
  • Hot Films Production
  • DJ Films
  • Star Entertainment
  • Alight Films
  • Channel 4
  • August Entertainment
  • On the Road Productions
  • Kriti Productions
  • Blue Water Productions
  • Brown Skins
  • Entertainment One Pvt Ltd
  • High Grounds
  • I Rock Productions
  • Tirupati Bros
  • Reel Life Production Pvt Ltd
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